TOBY / String of Turtles


Pot size (diameter): 14 cm, hanging pot

Pet Friendly`


Care Tips:

Light: Bright indirect light, they are tolerant of lower light levels however, the growth will be less compact.

Water: Let it dry out almost completely before watering as the plant stores water in its leaves. 

Food: Feed monthly in the growing season with a weak solution.

Humidity: Will tolerate a normal home humidity level but you can also mist it from time to time, it will really appreciate it.


*Please be aware that Peperomia are delicate plants that are prone to losing leaves during transit, but don't worry you can propagate these leaves to make more plants! 



Toby / Peperomia 'Prostrata'

  • All plants are delivered in nursery pots. Plants are living things and variation is to be expected. The plant you receive won't be exactly the same one as pictured, but we do everything possible to make sure it is representative. Heights are approximate and include the pot.